We work with dozens of enriching programs geared toward the teenager looking for something beyond a camp environment.

They include:
Teen tours. These are travel programs that allow older children to sightsee with their peers. Visiting famous areas – both in the United States and abroad – is just part of the attraction. Groups also participate in fun activities along the way, such as white-water rafting, grass skiing, taking in a ballgame or visiting an urban oasis like the Hard Rock Café.

Wilderness trips. For the teenager who may be looking for a more rugged outdoor adventure. Activities may include hiking, backpacking, rafting, rock-climbing or sailing. Biking tours can take a teen anywhere from the Oregon Trail to the back-road vineyards of France.

Language immersion. Teens travel to places like Spain or France, diving into the culture and increasing their mastery of the language. In some programs, you will stay in residence halls, others in people’s homes. A few are even housed in chalets.

Community service. The motivated teen can work on projects – ranging from building playground equipment to helping save the sea tortoise – both in the United States and abroad. The programs also build in plenty of time for fun, whether it’s hiking up a mountain or scuba diving in the Caribbean.

Academic enrichment. For the student looking for a campus experience, we work with programs offering college-credit or enrichment courses at major universities throughout the world.