Student Tour and Camp Consultants is a free advisory service representing the best summer camps and teen programs in the United States and abroad. Our job is to listen to your desires and concerns, and then help you find the perfect fit for the summer.

James has more than 15 years’ experience as a camper, counselor, camp administrator, and advisor. Judy is a member of the American Camping Association.

Who Do We Represent?

Throughout the years, we’ve screened hundreds of programs, visiting camps and interviewing directors. We also keep an extensive database of camp and tour critiques drawn up by our clients.

Based on that research, we’ve given our seal of approval to 500 programs that meet our strict standards for programming, staffing, value, and safety.

We work with traditional overnight camps, sports and art camps and special needs camps. Teen tours, biking trips, and foreign travel. Academic programs, wilderness trips, and community service projects.

But above all, we represent students and their parents. Our job is to find the right fit for you!